Terms of Services

We do not enter into any contract with our clients for our everyday service/appointments.
Changes to Services
Please note that any changes to services must be approved by North Cleaning Services. We ask our clients to contact us directly at the office to discuss any changes to your cleaning program that may require more time. Our cleaning specialists are not authorized to agree and accept any changes. This must be done directly through our office. This prevents us from not knowing something extra that was done and allows us to run on schedule and be on time!
Cancellation / Rescheduling Policy
We understand that sometimes things come up and that you may have to cancel and/or reschedule your clean. Please note that 24 hours’ notice (business days) must be given to cancel and/or reschedule your clean. This can be done via email or phone. Voicemails are accepted as they are time stamped.

Should a clean be changed or canceled less than 24 hours (business days) before it was scheduled to occur, a cancellation fee of 50% of the cleaning cost will be applied.

Lockout Policy
If no one is home or an entry option that was previously arranged with us is not met and our cleaning specialist(s) are locked out, a cancellation fee of 50% of the cleaning cost will be applied.
Initial Assessment
We like to get to know your home and ensure the program we design for you suits your needs. On your first clean, we will conduct a pre-assessment of your home to ensure we take into account everything needed to provide the best service out there. This will allow us to offer you an honest estimation of time and effort required to clean your home.
Post-Clean and Walkthrough
Our cleaning specialists are trained to conduct a walk-through of their work at the end of each job. For clients who are present at home during this stage, feel free to point out anything that is missed or can be done better. For clients that are not home during this time, we always ask that you give us feedback by letting us know if a spot was missed or if things can be done better. We will make a note of this in your file and be sure it is added for next time. Your happiness is our happiness. We strive to work with each client to provide the best service out there.


Cleaning Exclusions
  • Laundry
  • Pet or human waste
  • Anything that can’t be reached using a step-stool
  • Placing back dried dishes from the dishwasher (risk of breakage and disappointing you is too high!)
  • Do not move or pull out appliances/furniture to clean under or behind them.
Satisfaction Guarantee
We want you to have the best experience. If you think there is something wrong, call us at 416.551.5261 within 24 hours of your clean and let’s discuss how to make things better!
Payment and Invoicing
For each booking, we ask for credit card information to secure the appointment. We offer payment by credit card, cheque, e-transfer or cash. Clients paying in cash or cheque often leave their payment on the kitchen counter or somewhere visible in the house.

A hold will be placed on your card at the time of your booking and charged after the cleaning is completed.

We will provide you with an invoice of services following a completed cleaning.

We leave that up to you. Although not mandatory, often clients choose to tip their cleaning specialists as they see fit.
Staff Solicitation
By hiring North Cleaning Services (NCSI) to clean your home, you also agree not to directly hire any past, present or future employee of NCSI or their associates, to clean your home for a period of one year, after the last cleaning visit from NCSI.
Privacy Policy
The client acknowledges that any information provided to North Cleaning Services (NCSI) may be used for the purpose of providing the service. We will not share your information with anyone outside of the provision of the services (unless required to do so by law). NCSI will take all reasonable measures to protect the client’s information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access and/or disclosure