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We offer various cleaning services to our clients that are individually designed to fit the needs of your home, lifestyle and even your furry animals. We support eco friendly products and will work with you to provide a program that is fully customizable with eco friendly offerings. If you do not see something that you are looking for, get in touch with us as we often work with clients on special or one-on-one projects.

Your first clean with us comes with a complimentary initial assessment of your home. A member of our team will schedule a time to visit your home for a detailed assessment prior to your scheduled clean. Keep in mind, your initial clean will take longer as we get to know you and your home. Following this, your cleaning specialist will be able to rotate major jobs, thereby maintaining your home on an ongoing basis.


Consistent Condo and Home Cleaning

Cleaning becomes consistent only if you continue it. Your consistent cleaning package is created based on your needs. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or occasional cleaning services. Our team works with you to design a program that meets your needs and schedules, as every person and home is different. Don’t forget: we do our best to keep you and your wallet happy by offering reduced rates for more consistent service.
Your Consistent Clean looks something like this:

Living Areas and Bedroom(s)

  • Tidy Up
  • Dust Pictures + Mirrors on Walls
  • Dust/Polish Furniture
  • Vacuum Upholstered Furniture
  • Vacuum Carpets + Floors
  • Dust Baseboards + Window Sills
  • Mop Hardwood/Floors
  • Make or Change Beds/Sheets (leave sheets on bed if to be changed)
  • Empty Garbage
  • Dust Radiators + Air Vents
  • Clean Light Switches + Door Handles


  • Wash + Put Away Dishes/In Dishwasher
  • Clean Around Stove, Fridge + Dishwasher
  • Remove/Clean Stove Elements
  • Clean Inside/Outside Microwave Oven
  • Clean Counter Tops + Small Appliances
  • Clean Outside Cupboard Doors
  • Clean Backsplash
  • Dust Baseboards + Window Sills
  • Vacuum + Mop Floors
  • Empty Garbage/Recycle/Organics
  • Clean Sink + Faucet
  • Add on: Inside Oven and/or Fridge (Additional costs associated)


  • Clean Sink, Vanity, Mirrors + Faucet(s)
  • Clean Toilet(s)
  • Clean Bathtub(s), Tiles + Faucet(s)
  • Clean Shower Stalls
  • Dust Baseboards + Window Sills
  • Vacuum + Mop Floors
  • Empty Garbages 

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning involves a thorough clean of your entire home with detailed attention to every single part. This is a perfect service for those looking to overhaul their home with a thorough clean. We work with clients on a case-by-case basis and customize a deep clean program based on specific requirements. A deep clean program can include all aspects of a consistent clean plus other tasks requested by each client. As such, deep cleaning programs are priced based on an assessment of your home, the tasks requested and the time required for the session.


Seasonal Cleaning

Different times of the year call for different cleaning strategies. A seasonal cleaning aims to get your home ready to leave a season behind and enter a new one. We work with each client to find areas in the home (inside and out) that require specific attention and customize a seasonal cleaning program that fits your needs. Similar to a deep clean, seasonal cleanings are priced based on an assessment of your home, the tasks requested and the time required for the session.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning

If you are looking to clean a new home or one you are leaving behind, let us do it for you. Our team will inspect your home and put a program together based on your needs. Let us know and we will send out a team to get it done the right way. Due to the nature of these cleans, each project is assessed and priced individually with a personalized program.

Pre-Sale/Post Construction Cleaning

We have a team dedicated for homes being staged to go on the market for sale and for newly renovated or constructed homes. Our team will inspect and assess each project and design a program that works for you and your budget. Due to the nature of these cleans, each project is assessed and priced individually with a personalized program.

Essential Cleaning Products + Options

We strongly recommend our clients have their own personal cleaning equipment and materials (to reduce using the same equipment in numerous homes and spreading germs and bacteria around).

However, we also offer our services including all essential cleaning equipment and supplies for clients who wish to use this service. Our team will work with you to design a personal cleaning program based on your preference and need.

Essential Cleaning Products to have at home for each clean/that we can provide (eco-friendly replacements available):
  • Bathroom Cleaner (Vim Cream/Spray or similar eco-friendly product)
  • Toilet Cleaner + Toilet Brush (Lysol or similar eco-friendly product)
  • Liquid All Purpose Cleaner (Vim, Mr. Clean, or eco-friendly product)
  • Glass Cleaner (Windex or eco-friendly product)
  • Rough-Side Sponge
  • Heavy Duty Scrub Brush
  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Paper Towel Rolls
  • Dish Soap
  • Pail/Bucket and Mop
  • Vacuum Cleaner (Miele, Dyson or preferred brand)
  • Swiffer extendable duster


Each home is different and we assess and price each job based on the cleaning program and time required to provide you the best and most competitive service.

Service Area

Finch Avenue south to the Lake, east to Leslie Street / Leaside, west to Dufferin Street.
We look forward to expanding in the near future. Stay tuned!

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